We divide dates into two main types (Luxury & Economic)

Luxury Dates


NEW CROP (Same Year Farm Production)

For direct use – Well Manufacturing & Waste Selected – Washed or Unwashed (up to request) – Expiry date in 6 till 18 month (up to request).

Economic Dates


OLD CROP or Random Unpopular Grades

Use for direct use but not much quality (we do not recommend it for direct use) OR the best use is as raw material for many food industry such as syrup, vinegar, bakeries…etc.

Otherwise please note that we can not send you quotation for economic date it’s only available by bidding with governor associations when available also your live preview for existing commodity is necessary so if you are interested in it let us know then we will inform you details about bidding process & conditions when available.

There are more than 50 kind of economic dates available with huge quantity( but randoms, divided in to 4 groups , dark semi dry , light semi dry , dark dry & light dry ) all kinds are very tasty & contain very high amount of sugar & very high alimentary values such as protein, vitamins, carbohydrates …….etc.

About organic

Most of our farms are organic because they used only bio-active fertilizer but not all of them registered or hold international certificate organic farm. So if the organic farm certificate is necessary for you please inform us.

Egypt is biggest DATES production ever in the world